Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pakistan want their trash TV, Too

In both Nihal prepare for marriage Behlul, glitch: weapons held stepmother He declared undying love for the groom. Dangerous liaisons between-e-Ishq memnu, or Forbidden Love, the biggest Turkish drama on television hit Pakistan this past winter. In reaching its peak, steamy story of Turkish tycoon and his family watched by a third of cable and satellite TV audience.The success of the importing country Pakistan spur manufacturers to explore new themes. Samina Ahmed, an actor and TV producer, played a role earlier in his career would have been unthinkable, the mother of the girl to call my grandmother and her family fled to the wedding. "This success shows that a number of Pakistani Drama consume entertainment in a way that is no different than other communities," he said. Women's rights, domestic violence, and gay marriage is featured in the drama produced and broadcast in Pakistan. Serials dissect the relationship with his wife and daughter Mullah, and presented a poor woman struggling to survive in an elite school.A parliamentary committee in January found the "alien attack drama" so toxic recommend against. Undaunted, the local network command series over Turkey in the studio. "A fundamental shift is happening," said Salman Danish, chief executive MediaLogic Pakistan, which provides ranking for non-state TV channels. "The competition extrusion strict production house to produce bold subject. But the biggest surprise is that the public will accept and enjoy this freedom. "For many people, the import Soap Opera is an escape of dietary 24-hour news networks' violence and political intrigue. "I'm sick of the news," said Zermeena Shah, 35, Islamabad housewife who spent six hours a day watching dramas and cooking channels. "Television is the only practical choice of entertainment for most women in Pakistan. We get a lot more variety, and the quality has improved. "Strictly controlled state TV and radio channels monopolized the airwaves until 2002. When military ruler Pervez Musharraf open broadcasting to private investors. A decade later, Pakistan can choose among 84 satellite TV channels and 120 FM radio stations.One everything in Pakistan may agree to more content produced locally required. Some politicians support a campaign by the Pakistan Film Producers Association on foreign series. Although Pakistan revive the TV production business, producers fear the network will eventually drop the show produced locally to import more famous. "There is a consensus among the political parties that we are not allowed to broadcast foreign content during prime time," said Proforma Hasnain, chairman of the standing committee of the National Assembly for Information and Broadcasting. "India and Turkey play destroy our values ​​and local industry. You bet 800,000 jobs "However, Hasnain acknowledged that the theme of soap imported" very interesting "Bottom Line: Pakistan has gone from three tightly controlled state-owned channel in the 2002-84 TV channel operated by the private sector now.

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