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France: Where are you still afraid of Freemasons Magazine

and newspapers all have stories to run them in one form or another, year in, year out. Details may vary, but the big story is the same everywhere, striking a universal chord sex, health, and money. Some crops, however, are not traveling. They drilled deep into the psyche of the nation while others are scratching their heads and saying, "Huh?" In France, a story that keeps coming back is about the Freemasons. It is everywhere. The greatest French magazine has run at least one big cover mason year. Books carve "state within a state," to borrow from the title recently. Blog thick. "France has some Marronniers-chestnut," said Alain Bauer, a former master of the French Grand Orient Masonic lodge and liaison President Nicolas Sarkozy. "There is the price of real estate and how to treat head, and then there are Freemasons. Is a bricklayer with headaches that move the story very French magazine. We do not want this story, but at the same time, we adore them, because they make us feel like we are still worthwhile. "Huh? Yes, Freemasons: old fraternal order known in the U.S. for American Masonic lodges that dot the city, deteriorated stirring reminder Masonry American melting pot. Or for the mysterious Masonic symbols engraved on every dollar bill. Or a silly note, to Shriners with their red fezzes. (The Shriners was founded in the 1870s to add a little levity regular Freemasonry Mission accomplished ..) In France, though, there's nothing funny about the Freemasons. The way the French see it, Mason fifth column in the French society, a powerful gang of politicians, businessmen and intellectuals who have a hidden agenda that is difficult to pin down because, well, hidden. No one knows what to Mason, but they all suspected something. "Freemasons, how they manipulate the candidates," ran the cover line on 2012 January 10 issue of L'Express, one of the three major newsweeklies France. After reading a few, the "how" and "manipulated" part remains unclear, and even Francois Koch, author, admitted that the title was Le Point "fully extended.", A major weekly magazine, followed the January 26 edition ". Freemasons, the intruders "The third weekly news magazine, Le Nouvel Observateur, get this game holds election cycle:. They run the Mason-and-conquer politics last August "subject never fails to generate interest," said Koch. "It is a mystery that attracts attention." Cover Story Koch sale newsstand 80,000 copies, nearly 10 percent more than the average L'Express's 73,000 copies. "We always get at least average sales, and sales are sometimes really big. It's always a gamble worth taking. "Two years ago, Koch, which normally applies to criminal justice, launched a blog dedicated to matters.To Mason Masonic understand how the French go under the magnifying glass of national requires a brief part of a trip through history. No one knows exactly where Freemasonry originated, but most experts agree their origins lie in medieval England the union laid the foundation stone of the great cathedrals. Masonry modern date in building the first Grand Lodge in London in 1717, and now the United Grand Lodge of England still kind Mason Masonic mothership.Those English first loose lay teaching covers most masonic practice. Mason meets regularly to improve themselves morally and spiritually, as well as doing your love and help each other. They were told to believe in the supreme being and keep politics. And no women are allowed. Solidarity is reinforced by detailed web crap together, signs, symbols, secret handshakes and code words either sexy, unreasonable, or threatening, depending on who saw them.Masonry spread of English only when explanations make the world Mason friendly safe for such value as an anti-clericalism and scientific. Best and brightest to join the world in a stampede. Voltaire, John Locke, and Goethe all signed up. In the New World, Benjamin Franklin became America's favorite Mason early Mason.The made enemies on all sides. Church labeled them anti-Christian, political order established brand them revolutionary, and many others are elitist and find them creepy. It can be expected. Every international fraternity with secret handshakes and symbolic jewelry begging put his name on conspiracy theories. Mason provoked a lot, up to the Nazis, risk factors continent.In U.S. European Masonry, prejudice united in 1825. An apostate Mason from New York named Morgan disappeared after threatening to expose his brother and their rituals. Mason said they paid $ 500 and drove to the Canadian border, but he has heard from again.The "Morgan Affair" anti-Mason sparked disturbances that lasted 25 years, which is 100 anti-Mason in a newspaper published and several lodges looted . Anti-masonic Party even run a presidential candidate in 1831-the first movement of a third party in U.S. history. Masonic membership has dropped from 100,000 to less than 40,000. Over time, American Masonry managed to build himself back, but it came as, non-confidential less aggressive. Today, 1 million Americans Mason likely to meet each other in a Masonic temple Masonic barbecue. Masons in other countries have followed a similar path.Not France. In many ways, French Masonry beaten themselves, ignoring the basic principles of Anglo-Saxon brothers and positioning itself as a counterweight to the strain of deep Catholic and monarchist conservative French society. "Freemasonry has always had a political role in France," said Pierre Mollier, archives director of Grand Orient de France, the country's largest and most cottages. "We did not want to tell people who to choose, but we are not moral authority." From 1880-1905, the Grand Orient of the Catholic Church to fight for the souls of the French, and still considers Its Third Republic nephews. "Republicans take the support of the Freemasons, a third of the deputies were Masons," said Mollier. "All the progressive legislation of the Third Republic is here," he said, pointing around at the headquarters of Grand Orient on rue Cadet. "The current presidential candidates are all knocking on our door this year. For Freemasons British or American, just awful! "Adding insult to injury, the Grand Orient in 1880 to remove all references to the deity. Everywhere away from organized religion, and they do not talk about God Freemasons. But they insist on belief in what the jargon calls Masonic Grand Architect of the Universe, but each member can define it. Huh, French said. Right behind religion by door.All have helped make the modern pariah 160,000 French Masons Masonic world. The United Grand Lodge of England is not known for two of the three main French Lodges, the Grand Orient and the Grande Loge de France. Recently suspended recognition of the three large cabin, the Grande Loge Nationale Fran├žaise, but mostly because of internal squabbles that tore them apart from the inside. "France instead of continuing attitude towards what we do," said John Hamill, director of special projects for the United Grand Lodge of England. Millier Grand Orient Pierre responded: "Do not Protestants do not care if they are recognized by the Pope? We just turn the other cheek. "Jean-Claude ZAMBELLI is a French government employee who has lived in the U.S. for 30 years. He first joined the Masonic lodge in San Francisco America. In 1996 he helped found the George Washington re-union, lodge patterned after and recognized by the Grand Orient. It is quite French. God: no. Female members:. Yes "When we explained to Mason Americans, they physically restrain myself," said ZAMBELLI. "It's just not the same Masonry. They do more charity work, such as major hospitals in San Francisco Shriner. We are doing more work for ourselves. We are not a social club. We are here for spiritual progress. If not, what is the point of all this? The Americans stuck to Mason and Mason showed them the ring. We saw amazing. "The French are indeed playing their cards closer to the vest membership than other Masons. Increasing intrigue do much to keep them on the cover. It also assures people that Masons must have something to hide.Occasionally, they do. Networks blur them, no questions-asked desire to help the Mason brothers, and the code of silence lodges create a breeding ground for shady business deal affairisme what France calls. Membership in the French lodges quadrupled in the last 40 years, an impressive increase. The recent growth has been fueled by the recruitment drive is inappropriate, especially by the Grande Loge Nationale Fran├žaise discredited Grand Orient as they struggle for influence. Masonry French chicken with a sign reading: "Welcome, fox" "We had a hard time defending themselves against affairistes, said Jean-Claude ZAMBELLI. "It's hard to show bad faith toward the Mason brothers. That has helped the mafia outfit hiding behind various Masonic networks. "Sophie Coignard Beat Mason covers the magazine Le Point and wrote the book A State of the State A. "Most of the Masons I know are overweight are honest," said Coignard. "But it's also fair to say that most of the financial and political Scandals of the last 20 years, you will see a Freemason." Coignard fleas from small African Aquitaine bribery scandal, scandal Paris housing project in the 1990s, and now the Carlton affair, an ongoing investigation of a prostitution ring in Lille. "They almost all Masons," said Carlton Coignard group leader (Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Carlton for engaging, not Mason.) Solution, says journalist and author Eric Giacometti, is for the French Mason out of the closet. This will help them clean up the house, and took pleasure trying to peek through the keyhole closet. Giacometti was not Mason, but his fictional creation, Detective Christian MARCAS, is, and he stuck to say. MARCAS appeared in seven detective with combined sales of one million copies since 2005. It makes Giacometti and co-writer Jacques Ravenne valuable third best mystery writer in France. "We decided to go straight to everything you read in the media that when we choose to make MARCAS mason," Giacometti said. "That the success of the series. Francois Koch told L'Express We just provide free advertising for the Freemasons, but we did not care. I would say the Freemasons, 'Proud Freemason who has some extraordinary. "No one knows the story! "Meanwhile, the French continued to press card. Sophie Coignard he sniffed financial scandal with Mason in his heart. "When Mason," said Coignard, "I have never confused for inspiration."

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