Thursday, February 27, 2014

Internship advice

Why You Should Make Internship Internships mentioned in the resume is a great advantage for you when looking for a job. Employers do pay attention to it, and if there are multiple candidates for a particular position, chances are, people who have never done an internship will be denied only to reduce the number of potential internship employees.

An can actually be a full-time job. So if you decide to do an internship, try to treat it with all diligence as the impression you make on an employer might be important for you career.An internship can really help you decide if you've done right or wrong career choice. You will learn more about the industry and see how it all works from the inside. In other words, an internship is the stage when you make the final decision - to survive in this business or leave something else.Why You Should Doing Internships If you are determined to make money, not for your internship. Internship either work for free or get a small salary. Internships occupy the lowest position in the corporate hierarchy. Trainees are charged various small tasks that others simply choose not do.When Search interns If you are a student, let your college career center to help you. Whether you passed or just want to do your own search, use the online to understand resources.

How It Worth It Study the information in the ads carefully. Some companies want to attract apprentices as cheap labor, which is another really their teacher and mentor. Try to determine what kind of company belongs.Learn as possible about the company. Visit the website and found the internship. First of all, you should know what to offer them terms, and second, being prepared will allow you to feel more confident in interview and improve your chances to success.Contact used to do their internship in the company, and despite Another emotion is very subjective, can not be compared to the real story of those who experienced it. You must make a written list of questions did not forget anything when you meet them. To find the name of former intern and get their contact, you can tackle college career center. Possible that they are using this facility to find an internship.

Monday, February 24, 2014

When the "Haters" Come on, IF

As a social experiment that I had gone apart during the last 2 weeks and then I can not help but laugh at the message of the day: Day 15: ". Ignore the haters "" Ignore Hater Day "Today is National Oh, you did not know? That's because I just made it up. Now, I want you to ignore one of you haters ever achieved in the past week. Do not respond to their tweets or Facebook comments. Do not answer emails upset them. Do not jump in the mud with them. Ignore them and enjoy the peace of mind that is slightly less negative in your day.

How many of us have been to a place where we focus on achieving great things in our lives, and suddenly someone comes and tells us that we are not going to be successful? They told us that we were meant for greatness. Not when the haters make their own informed that we have to stop. This is when a hater appears that we have to run all the more difficult prize.1 Corinthians 9:24 Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize ? So run that you can get it.This Bible verse always stayed in my mind ... especially at this point when a hater ... because they always come. I allowed them to knock me my course too many times in my life. I've let people with selfish intentions to stand between me and the prize. We can not let it continue.We created for a purpose. The rise that we are created to achieve should not be allowed to leave is canceled because a person with a negative goal was allowed to stand in our way.

So here is the question that we all strive for answer.How I ignore haters in the world when their words of doubt and frustration echoed in my head yet? We must understand that often times in our lives we are the biggest haters us.Yep. The biggest haters we may be facing is ourselves.I had a boss years ago who used to say that the story we tell is rarely speak true.Self is a powerful tool and vicious enemies. How we see ourselves may be beneficial or detrimental to the goal we are trying to accomplish.I not know what your purpose is now. I do not know what it looks like your race, but I knew we had a race. I want to give us 3 guidelines for dealing with the haters our thoughts and then I would give us 3 rules for dealing with haters mind.First us, let us deal with friends and haters of social media is all around us every day, including our colleagues. These are people who find it their personal goal to tear around them.1. Use the delete key free, I will admit that it is easier to do via social media, but applies also to the conversation we have with the people around us. Read it all, seek truth, and then delete the. Do not let the negative to take up residence in our minds. In real human dynamics we need a little more forward-thinking. When we haters around us, we should stay away from them. If there is a "That Guy" in the office who's always spouting doubts division and it is our duty to stay away from it.2. Use it as motivation-There are some people who thrive on the haters. "Let it be," "I'll show them," "Nothing will stop me," was the Mantra of people who thrive on it. 

This may not be the natural state of your mind, but I encourage us to use it to our advantage. Let those who want to distract us from our goal to become the rallying point for pushing us to new things very well. Ground for the launch of our new company, new books, professional success, social outreach, or else we can have.3 dream. Ignore the haters up and shut-third, and in my opinion, the most important of this method is to work in achieving success every day so the haters are left with little to talk about . Run toward the prize. Run past haters, run through it, around it, or over it, but do not stop running. It is when we stop running the race haters win. Do not let small-minded and stupid to stand between us and our goals. Do not give credence to their point of view by allowing for the knock course.Now how to deal with the voice in my head? 1. Write your success - When starting rare positive self talk. We must be our own Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell, or anyone else who is motivating us. There is a point where we can not rely on others, and we must change ourselves to discuss our own. So sit down with a pen and paper and write down what you do well. Remains positive. This is not a brainstorming session or planning. It's a chance to splurge voices in your head! You are amazing and it is time to mind taking your haters know it.2. Put a voice to speak for themselves and find the truth - this one is a good line. Talking to yourself, even negative self-talk, can often have a grain of truth in it, but often augmented one way or another. Write, tell someone, or to record what monologue and then find out the truth. No looping Mantra that we play in our heads, but the very fact that enables us constructively to grow. Use it to make things better ourselves and move ahead.3. Stop - There are times where we need to slow down and stop what we are doing long enough to control what is happening in our own minds. 

There are times that we are trying to run through the mind alone, for them to walk with us and grow in intensity. Do not be afraid to talk directly to the conversations themselves and say who the boss as the old saying goes. It is our mind. We are in control. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that the control.I just encourages us to move beyond doubt and fear. We chase our dreams and not let anyone or anything stand in the way. Walk boldly and confidently. You and I were created for greatness and do not let anyone stand in the way of prize.I leave us a quote Steve Jobs, can bring joy and motivation to shut up haters and achieve greatness today and the days to come: "; Here's crazy, the misfits, the rebels, troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes ... People who see things differently - they do not like the rules ... You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or denigrate them, but the only thing you can not do is ignore them because they change things ... They push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. "