Sunday, December 1, 2013

Crisis, Fears and New Possibilities

A small business owner just told me that he had been up all night worrying about how she'll manage now that the crisis in Spain affected by cutting its business clients with more than half. He has a four-year-old daughter to support, and with a voice that he was scared, trapped and angry at the world. Her story is one example that I have said many times in my own neighborhood. I live in Spain and I personally can feel the fear and sadness in it for the family and their future. As I listened I felt the tension in my body tight they belong. It was a conversation that was heard in various parts of the Western world today and one, in my opinion, will not settle for some time.

What concerns me is the way that the effect of magnifying the fear and extending off in all sorts of directions. But there is nothing new here really, it's just the nature of fear, fear of blame and blame will not be able to move really is not, just spread like a big wave and stoked fears of old money, and fearful, reactive behavior support. Can you feel it now? I for one would like to do something about it. So, as a coach I ask, what is desired to happen now, and what can be done to break the cycle? I have a place when I am in this space. What about you? So, I have to ask myself, is it possible to step out of this paralyzing fear and in another narration dialogue in which we work together and think outside the box to transform fear? 

And if the storm crisis is to continue, the only option is to sit tight and wait it out, or we can find within ourselves the resources to break through and act again with great transformative way? Seems to be the choice of present for us now and I personally believe that the guidance we are here today for a reason and has some excellent solutions for opportunities in developing tension landscape. In this landscape of what is desirable in a larger sense? What else do you have to change your own tension and fear? How do you personally contribute to the world is the potential for self-improvement? I leave it to you to support the growth of yourself and your children and their education and future by asking you to dig deep and ask yourself these questions.

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