Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Corporate greed will continue to

THE protests predicted from a few dim lights in the business world to express concerns about excessive bonus payments were nothing more than a wafer-thin defense of corporate greed to grow for 30 years or more.

The "moral" shock associated with the un-Fred Goodwin a knighthood is not just so completely at odds with the public attitude towards the banking cabal of wealthy executives who got us all into the economic mess we are in, it is the view of the lack of sheer spy remorse for the damage done.

Anyone who suggests a multi-million pound bonus on top of a multi-million pound salaries falsely accused of "bashing business", while rector of a little worried that the demonstration of the challenges of deep penetration and extreme arrogance can harm business justification. This is despite the continued experience of workers at the bottom and in the middle of the labor market by paying for the folly of this race "super-executive" for their jobs, their livelihoods and their homes. Somehow, despite struggling to survive, most are expected to witness continued calmly justified-platinum plating with good pay-off package.

This is a long-term trend. In 1978, 58% of the GDP of the country are paid wages. In 2012 it fell to 53.4%, and reduces the inside of the property, the gap between top earners and some very high mass majority of the average worker and the low paid will continue to grow. The average salary in the top 100 FTSE companies is about 300 times higher than the average salary in the company. As Richard Wilkinson, author of The Spirit Level, in a public lecture colleagues at Newcastle University, what better way to show how young people are valued compared to paying 300 times lower than your own?

It's surprising there is a growing sense of Fury on the excesses meeting of a small number of over-paid, greedy corporate executives. Wherever ordinary people to have trouble - the last freeze pay and cut, an increase in child poverty, people choose between heating and eating, the children were taken into care, the loss of their family home. The only surprise is that people are not more angry and more protests and demonstrations against the obvious injustice. A more equitable distribution of the benefits will benefit everyone, especially if the resulting increase in wages for low-wage workers, recycled into the economy in the bigger size of the bonus is good for some, leading to an economic term results.

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