Sunday, February 24, 2013

Northern announces contractor wins £ 50m contract

THE East office construction contractor Shepherd Engineering Services announced a new contract win with a combined production value of £ 50m. Newcastle-based division said it is looking for growth in the next year and won three contracts have inspired space, the company founded by Carillion and its joint venture partner for the Government Building Schools for the Future program. Working under the deer (South Tyneside and Gateshead) BSF initiative, the first of three wins new projects to work on giving notice SES Keelman Way School - a 3800 square meter two-storey new school for children with special educational needs in Hebburn. He is working on a second project deer, to build a new swimming pool adjacent to the Jarrow School, which will be completed later this year. And education biggest contract to operate the BSF initiative Durham North Durham Academy project in Stanley. In this project, SES has implemented extensive knowledge and experience of advanced BIM (building information modeling) to provide fully coordinated building services on 14,500 sqm, four-story school. The project is scheduled to be completed in summer 2013. This contract follows the completion of a high-profile new projects in the energy sector and other industries, especially the construction of 32m high, 100m blade-testing facility, believed to be the first in the world to NaREC - National Renewable Energy Centre, Blyth and plant for rope leading manufacturer Bridon International. Regional director Steve Joyce said: "Recently, our ability to design innovative approach and really put to the test project delivery NaREC. Given the size and height of the traditional methods of building M & E installation and detention can not be used, because the project required us to think outside the box. To address this challenge we apply the technical knowledge, combined with Prism, our custom off-site facility, to manufacture prefabricated and completely Modular test continues to build installation services. I'm glad the building was successfully submitted. "Secure our newest contract appointments in the education sector to give us more opportunities to continue to work with all levels of the education sector. Working closely with our partners in the project team inspired, we become to get under the skin of each project and understand what is required, for example, the stringent requirements of the School Way Keelman sound, relay services building innovative solutions. '

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